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Specializing in Commercial Tenant Fit Outs 

Interior Design Services

With expertise in creating functional and relevant spaces, our team can create a design welcoming to anyone who steps in the room.


Meet with the client to determine their scope and needs for the project.

Space Planning

Create a space plan that is practical, efficient and stylish.

Project Management

Work with contractors to complete the project. Paying attention to every detail making sure nothing is missed.

Finish Selections

Select finishes such as carpet, LVT, VCT, tile, cabinetry, paint, base, doors, hardware, etc.

Color Consultation

Meet with client to determine what colors best portray their business.

Lighting Design

Lighting can transform a space. 

Design Process

To create a functional and beautiful design there must be a detailed process to go through. There is a lot of work done on the front end so that the design is well thought out and serves the needs and wants of each company. 

  • Initial Consultation and Questionnaire Balashine Design provides the client with a detailed questionnaire to fully understand the clients needs, style and company culture.

  • Space Plan Balashine Design creates a space plan using information from the questionnaire.

  • Revisions Balashine Design reviews the space plan with the client and after feedback 

  • Finish Selections Once a space plan is complete and approved Balashine Design meets with the client to select finishes such as flooring, paint, doors, base, cabinetry etc. 

  • Project Management Balashine Design will help manage the construction process by meeting contractors on site and answering any questions or changes along the way. Balashine Design will also keep contractors to their proposed schedule and help deliver the end product on time. 

In Buddhism "bala" means strength and power, and "shine" is defined as to radiate and to excel.

Balashine Design was founded in 2011 by Bethany Shiner with the goal of reaching out to smaller, start up firms, who needed affordable design services to create a vision for possibly the first business they have owned. Working hand in hand with these clients, the end result for all of these projects have been a representation of the business owner and the identity they are trying to portray for their company. Whether a bookstore in a charming Vermont town, or an office space in Philadelphia, Balashine Design will be able to help you reach that goal.

Bethany Shiner

Interior Designer

Bethany is President and Founder of Balashine Design. 
Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Bethany Shiner moved to Philadelphia to study interior design. Bethany obtained a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Drexel University in 2006, as well as a Master of Science in Sustainable Design from Philadelphia University in 2010.
Bethany began her career by working for Inter-Arch in NJ. Here she was involved in the design of retail and commercial spaces such as banks and restaurants. From there, she moved onto Styer and Associates, and took on more challenging spaces and design concepts. After her time at Styer, Bethany was looking for her next challenge. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it was in her blood to start her own company, and so Balashine Design was born.
Through Bethany's opportunities to travel worldwide, she has been influenced by the architecture, design and culture of different societies. She uses these influences in her designs through texture, material and overall experience. She incorporates socially responsible and eco-friendly elements in her work, and stays up to date with current trends and technological advances utilizing both energy efficient and stylish components. Combining this with the knowledge received as she works towards her LEED certification, as well as attending seminars around the country, Bethany can help her clients achieve the desired look and feel of any space.
Bethany is on the boards of Moving Traditions, JMFF, DreamMakerz and ECLC. In her free time you can find her hiking, reading and traveling the world. Bethany lives with her husband and their two young children in the Philadelphia area.
Trust your next project to Bethany and Balashine Design, and know you will have a functional, stylish, and sustainable space to share with others. 


I just wanted to let you know that your bookstore design has been getting rave reviews from everyone in Woodstock. Just about everyone who walks in the door for the first time comments on how beautiful it is. They all say it is more "open," "airy" or "light", that the space feels bigger, that they can see the books better. I love being in the space every day. It is a huge success! --I really love the space. Everyone who comes in is impressed by it. I tell them that I can't take any credit for the design. You might have some new clients in Vermont some day.
"Bethany was a joy to work with and her ideas created a wonderful living space for our family. Bethany was available to discuss issues almost anytime day or night and when designing the interior of a house that is really important. I really appreciated how she worked with the builder to make sure that natural light was incorporated into almost every room of the house."

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